Geneva International Motor Show 2011

World-class auto show, Geneva International Motor Show 2011 officially opened March 3 to 13, 2011, in Geneva, Switzerland. All new model cars are now no longer a secret. Supercars auto, hybrid cars, electric cars, and concept cars, all have been displayed.
Geneva International Motor Show 2011
The community can see all of them, either through television, internet, or direct visit. Price of the cars also varies, from which you can reach a mediocre executive, to which can be bought by wealthy tycoons.

Media and, Monday, March 7, 2011, reported that the international automobile exhibition is not only technology leaving the impression the latest models, but also to guard booth girls are gorgeous.

The girls have made the exhibition becomes more beautiful and lively. In fact, many are called,
"(The girls) are more beautiful than the machines on display."


Bugatti Veyron Assembly Center in France

Bugatti Veyron - Volkswagen re-turn on the Bugatti name is a car that broke all records, is estimated at $ 1.3 million. The heart of this car started from the engine mid-mounted all-aluminum 8-liter W16 with 4 turbochargers and intercooler to produce power 1.001 bhp. By driving a Veyron, the driver will crash in the cockpit because of the brutal acceleration of 0-62 mph with 2.5 sec timeout.

When the driver out of the Veyron, then he will feel that there is no longer in this world are made as quickly as Veyron.Jadi not wrong if this is one of the world's fastest car manufacturer.

Bugatti Veyron
Bugatti Veyron Assembly Center in France
Bugatti Veyron Assembly center


Daihatsu Make Cheap Car Rp 85 Million

Daihatsu Make Cheap Car Rp 85 Million - Toyota Motor Corp. through its subsidiary, Daihatsu Motor Company, will build cheap cars in Indonesia from 2013. In addition to target the Indonesian market, cheap cars will also be marketed in the ASEAN countries.

The Nikkei business daily, reported Wednesday, February 16, 2011, this car will be priced 800-900 thousand yen, equivalent to approximately Rp85 - 95 million.
Daihatsu Make Cheap Car
This car is designed smaller than the Toyota Etios which was launched in India in 2010. However, Toyota spokeswoman Shiori Hashimto would not comment on much of this new product development plans.

Daihatsu - which is 51 percent owned by Toyota - will invest about 20 billion yen, or about Rp2, 1 trillion to build a new factory in Indonesia. This plant was later capacity of 100 thousand units per year.

In the first year, in 2013, this plant will only produce 50 thousand vehicles. Slowly raised to 100 thousand units per year. Of that amount, 70 percent will be supplied to Toyota.

With manufacturing plant, Toyota will strengthen Indonesia as the second largest production base in Southeast Asia after Thailand, the report said.

Toyota and Daihatsu is the first and second largest car manufacturer in Indonesia's. In 2010, Toyota could sell 280,989 units and 118,554 units of Daihatsu. The majority of their sales domestically produced.

Honda In-recall, Japan Supplied Parts

Honda In-recall - PT Honda Prospect Motor decided to pull back (recall) 30 525 units of Honda car after identifying the vulnerability of a lost motion spring component damage. This withdrawal involves 16,300 units of Honda Jazz (production June 2008 - March 2010), 10 592 units of Freed (production in May 2009 - February 2010), and 3360 units of the City (production in October 2008 - January 2010).
Honda In-recall
Marketing Director, Honda Indonesia, Jonfis Fandy said Honda Indonesia will bring a lost motion spring spare parts directly from Japan. "We are preparing repair it,"he said when contacted Jonfis, Saturday, February 19, 2011.

Jonfis said the policy of this recall, involving global Honda. So everything is covered by insurance from Honda Motor Co. Ltd.

Jonfis say Honda chose fix the problem "defects" rather than sacrifice the quality that can lead to consumer dissatisfaction.

Abroad, according to him, recall policy was common. If not withdrawn, it will face demands from the government. "Although in Indonesia there are no such rules, but for us it is business ethics," he said. "We do not wait for customers ask".

So far, Honda's claim to continue disseminating the policy. Among send a message to the consumer. "But not all effective since there are already moving address," he said. []

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